NIGERIA: Finally, British School of Project Management United Kingdom demonstrates ‘British Standards Right there in Nigeria’!

NIGERIA: Finally, British School of Project Management United Kingdom demonstrates ‘British Standards Right there in Nigeria’!

Africa rapidly develops through Project Management IN-PRACTICE!

Make an appointment to see one of our Country Transformation Consultants at: BENI, 37 Ahmed Onibudo, Off Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island. Lagos, Nigeria. Call 0809 1111 089!BSPM-UK NPO Team




About The First World Africa Project:   

The First World Africa Project was started in May 2001 born out of the revelation of Africa’s dire state. We refer to the geneses as STATE-OF-EMERGECY!


First World Africa Project (FWAP) exists to open the eyes and minds of the average African citizen to intellectual development and the achievable benefits.


FWAP hopes to achieve this through series of intellectual capacity building sessions i.e. seminars, conferences and classroom training sponsored by ‘Project Management for Nigeria’.


The organisation will be funded by ‘Project Management for Nigeria’.

Major Activities of First World Africa Project

FWAP has commenced the implementation of the following programmes while some still are still in the planning stage.

  1.  Free A to Z seminars in Project Management
  2. Specialised sectored training programmes in Project Management
  3.  More ….. to be included by Dr. T or Sarah

The Secretariat

The secretariat for the FWAP will be housed at the PMC-UK PH office at King Perekule, GRA phase 2.


The FWAP in Port Harcourt is will be managed by a coordinator and two assistants as well as the bulk of available personnel on the volunteers list.  The Co-ordinator will:

  1. Design a reference form to be completed by the volunteer’s   guarantor.
  2. Review the existing time sheet format and upgrade if necessary.
  3. Time points should be assigned to other activities aside administrative matters. Income generating activities such as referring and getting a prospect to pay for a course will have certain hours assigned to it. A volunteer who brings in a paying prospect will have been deemed to have worked.
  4. Create a physical album for event photos including pictures of each graduating set of students.
  5. Develop training modules to suit particular industries such as churches, hotels, grantees, NGOs, Local Government officials etc.
  6. Prepare a work plan for approval by the management.
  7. Maintain and update volunteer database and send out information when required.
  8. Organize pockets of A-Z seminars and anchor such seminars when requested.
  1. Hold regular meetings with volunteers to ensure consistency of First world Africa Project’s vision.
  2. Design and hold some trainings sessions for the volunteers as form of motivation to keep up team spirit.
  3. Assist the organisation to ensure a diversified portfolio by setting up income generating activities from PMC training and partnerships with local and International bodies.
  4. To ensure a meaningful and constructive volunteer service where the application of human talent and dedication may assist in providing solution of poverty and poverty related problems and secure increase opportunities for self advancement.
  5. Rebrand the Port Harcourt office to give it a British standard outlook.
  6. Assist in partnerships and collaborations.
  7. Increase organisational financial resources and helping to build sustainable funding streams for the organisation.
  8. Conduct public outreach to increase participation in program and services.

The Volunteer Program

VP has been designed on the premise of mutual benefits and intellectual advancement.

Volunteer vetting [VV]

  • Send in hard copies of their curriculum vitae in a file jacket.
  • Fill a reference form with a contact telephone number and e-mail of the referee or guarantor.
  • Sign a code of conduct agreement.

Volunteer Induction [VI]

The Volunteers will need to:

  • Know and understand the rules and boundaries of their involvement in the day to day running of the Project Office.
  • Understand exactly what their roles and responsibilities are.
  • Ensure that they follow the strategies laid down for maximum results.

Volunteer CPM= continuous training and professional development

  • undergo regular training to ensure effectiveness in their roles.
  • Receive regular updates through e-mail and text messaging.

The hours of work assigned to courses are:

ü American Project management (APM)  –  100 hours

ü Executive Masters Certificate   –    350 hours

ü Advanced Diploma in Project management – 700 hours

Volunteer Groupings

The volunteers will be grouped in the following categories:

  1. Marketers and sales people
  2. Office Assistants (petty messages, photocopies etc.)
  3. I.T professionals
  4. Receptionists
  5. Facilitators at different categories
  6. Media and Publicity
  7. Handy men : electricians, technicians and plumbers
  8. Intellectuals that can prepare and make input to  training modules and manuals
  9. Consultants in various fields

Target Industries/Prospects

  1. Oil and Gas companies
  2. Construction
  3. Banking
  4. Hospitality industries (hotel managers, supervisors, function and event managers)
  5. Religious Organisations (pastors, building committees, women leaders etc.)
  6. Media
  7. NYSC
  8. Politicians
  9. University lecturers
  10. Community based organisations, Community development foundations , women and youth groups
  11. Grantees of Donor agencies
  12. Managers and members of MLM companies


Resources Requirement

  1. One functional laptop
  2. One desktop computer
  3. Internet modem
  4. Communication
  5. Transportation
  6. Others


Despite the volume of volunteers, the office will require the services of the following:

  1. Secretary
  2. Cleaner
  3. Security
  4. Drivers

Grand British Graduation – Prestigious Advanced Diploma in PM Graduates.

It was a prestigious event on 1st October 2011 when the PM Geniuses earned their… well deserved Advanced Diploma in Project Management Awards issued by the British School of Project Management, UK.Hearty-British congratualtions to our Nigerian candidates who persevered from START to FINISH!

Well done Nigeria!!!

Nigerians GAINED MULTI-BILLIONS having invested in our Global Advanced Diploma in Project Management Programme!- THE TRUTH!


The prestigious Advanced Diploma in Project Management created by the British School of Project Management, UK-HQ!

A spurious newspaper article published in May 2010 captioned ‘Nigerians lose millions in search of diplomas’. This is our official response stating the facts and figures supported with requisite evidence.

GLOBAL Project Management College UK an institute of the British School of Project Management the foremost project management training institute with strong alumni of over 24,000 worldwide and a growing subscriber base of over 150,000!


Nigerians gained billions through expert Project Management training and support services offered by the British School of Project Management Group.
Hundreds have obtained the prestigious Advanced Diploma in Project Management awarded by the British School of Project Management.

Grand Graduation of the Advanced Diploma Candidates in Nigeria.

University Professor of Project Management, Professor Andrew Leicester presented
Adenike with her Advanced Diploma in Project Management Award. 1st October 2011


Nigerians are widely exposed, well read and open-minded enough to make the best decision for academic and career development.


Project Management College UK, Nigeria’s 1st and Best project management training college is an institute of the British School of Project Management duly
registered in Nigeria in May 2003; a strategic decision which has yielded phenomenal success for all affiliates, associates and alumni.

A strategic decision which has yielded phenomenal success was the introduction of the Advanced Diploma in Project Management for working professionals by the British School of Project Management in 2007 when only a few individuals were awarded career benefits of Project Management in Nigeria.

The British School of Project Management contributed immensely to the development of Project Management in Nigeria by creating awareness, training
candidates, offering free seminars for organisations and government officials.

All proud to be affiliated with the British School of Project Management and Project Management College UK brands.


British School of Project Management worldwide group and Project Management College UK are registered in the UK with satellite training centres across the
world. Project Management College UK [UK registration No. 07699430] is an institute of the British School of Project Management [UK registration No. 06538653]; these registrations are verifiable via

Name & Registered Office:

EC1V 4PW. Company No. 07699430

Name & Registered Office:

UNITED KINGDOM. EC1V 4PY. Company No. 06538653


All programmes run by the British School of Project Management and Project Management College UK are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management United Kingdom. ILM Reg. No: R29439. Since 2006!


  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Strategy and Project Management


  • Certified British Project Professional
  • Global Certification in Project Management Tools & Methodologies
  • Executive Master’s Certifications
  • Executive Master’s Certification in British Project Management
  • Endorsed Executive Master’s Certification in American Project Management

Executive Project Management Certifications

  • Executive Project Office Certification
  • Executive Certification in Project Accounting
  • Executive Certification in Business Strategy for Project Professionals
  • Executive Certification in British Health & Safety for Project Professionals
  • Executive Certification in British Customer Services for Project Professionals
  • Executive Certification in Marketing, Economics, Accounting & Statistics for Project Professionals


As at 1st January 2013, we are pleased to confirm that we have trained over 31,000 candidates worldwide; this figure includes delegates from
seminars, master-classes and practitioner-workshops. Repeat offices in the UK.


This is a complete fabrication in an attempt to confuse readers with words as Trainings held only in the UK Learning Centres before satellite centres opened up 2007 in NG. Students who obtained admission flew overseas to the UK for training which was quite expensive.

The high number of NG graduates who took the course in the UK prompted the opening of learning centres in NG.

The Nigeria chapter was established with stringency principles emulating, embracing and complying with British Standards in all their processes, procedures and systems uncompromisingly to ensure sustainability.

The ‘courageous manner’ cited in the write up shows the level of dedication, effectiveness and efficiency invested into the operations of the college to serve our students.


The British School of Project Management holds the NG government and her people in high esteem and regards this phrase ‘scamming of the First
lady’ as a huge insult. The government delegates were trained by Sarah Ayishetu, Worldwide Expansion Director and a Global Project Practitioner. She led
the training in project management and delivered the session with a resoundingly.

With the 36 Governors wives present, dignitaries from far and wide, the Project Management College UK and British School of Project Management brands were cemented as premium from the sterling delivery!

Training Nigeria’s Former and Current First Ladies was quite an experience! The 36 Governors wives and their Project Coordinators were present at the training.



The intention to damage our reputation thru cowboy journalism and unfair competition has failed as anti-graft officer have visited and audited our records and confirmed these reports as hoax. References to comments and contributions former employees, students and affiliates are fabrications of the editor of this magazine for titillation, Nigerians are not gullible.

We are pleased to confirm all our offices are still open to serve our Nigerian audiences assisting them with the sole and original aim of career advancement in project management.

We are unmoved and remain stoic in our determination to realise our mission without bias or fear of intimidation from neither unscrupulous writers nor unethical competitors with unfair intensions.


Training the delegates nominated from the Katsina’s First Lady’s NGO cabinet was another key milestone of achievement. Our Project management
for NGOs was delivered over a four-day period again with resounding compliments from every delegate present. These are available for your viewing pleasure at any of our offices.

British School of Project Management banks with Unity Bank Plc. and maintains a good banking relationship till date.

The British School of Project Management Group is a highly intellectual project management innovation centre offering a vast majority of courseware tailored to suit the very demanding and fast changing work culture of the 21st century.

Certificates and awards obtained through the British School of Project Management are highly esteemed throughout the world as very high British standards are complied with in the course of the trainings.

Prestigious graduation ceremonies are held to honour our ADP candidates and award Outstanding Alumni for their achievements in Project Management.

The graduation ceremony is part of the activities of annual International Conference in Project Management, led by Professor Andrew Leicester, specially organised for Continuous Development of the PM Profession.

See below some pictures of recently graduated ADP students being handed their awards during the conference.


The British School of Project Management worldwide group is a one-stop centre for all your project management needs with subsidiaries that
render a plethora of services for your intellectual development like Project Management College UK, British Project Professional Society UK, International Project Management
conferences. See the registrations listed above verifiable with the Companies House UK, Institute of Leadership and Management UK etc.

GLOBAL Project Management College UK caters for the short course i.e. fast-track professional certifications which lead to the all the international recognised British and American certifications.

British School of Project Management and Project Management College UK are two separate legal entities duly registered independently however linked with PM College UK as a subsidiary.

Click here to read student testimonials


Find a copy below of an invoice from the local government addressed to the British School of Project Management dated 22 October 2009.
Also, below is a picture of the Innova Park building in Enfield, United Kingdom.


All the accreditations and affiliation from BAC, APM, ILM flanked on our marketing material at the time of this write up were all valid, please see the screen shots below.


We have always claimed to be corporate members of the APM and nothing else; interestingly the newspaper write contains a screen dump of our
flyer which shows this. I must highlight Nick Hayes phrase ‘Having done a  limited amount of research’ as full research would have revealed the correct

Please see below the flyer and our corporate membership certificate valid at the time.


It is correct that Project Management College UK was initially accredited by the  Institute of Leadership and Management UK in April 2006 and the current accreditation spans until 2014. Please see the initial and current accreditation letters below:-


This is an absolute fabrication as several of our Nigerian candidates successfully obtained study visas over the years and completed their training in the UK moving on to Master’s programmes in the UK and successful careers.

It is important to note that BSPM UK have been training students in the UK since 1998 long before the Nigeria centres were opened in 2007.

This fabrication from NEXT is an embarrassment to Nigeria and the Nigerian graduates

Alumni of the BSPM UK both in the UK and worldwide have garnered exceptional learning and education that has benefitted their career and are extremely proud of the education brand of quality for practical project management.

‘Here are photo clips of ADP candidates students and Mike Woods College Principal at the time Michael Woods at the Enfield learning centre which NEXT claimed was nonexistent ‘


It is sad that unscrupulous ill-intending Nigerians having seen the coming-soon option made assumptions that the programme was being run when
in fact it had not even started.

We promised the people of Nigeria an MBA in Project Management which our ADP candidates will gain automatic entry to upon successful completion of their programme.

This option was advertised as ‘coming soon’.

After years of preparation and applications for approval, the promised programme will commence without fail in 2014.

We have never claimed to have any association with University of Charleston so therefore; this is another fabrication of our unfair players.


As aforementioned, Project Management College UK and the British School of Project Management are duly registered in the United Kingdom and there the details of
the owners are clearly available on the UK Companies Registry.

Sarah-Ayishetu, also known as Adekemi Ojuolape Ogunnusi Abiola is the Worldwide Expansion Director and visionary of initiative for Africa
rapid development through project management.

She is active delivering in Project Management courses, seminars, conferences, career talks and workshops.

A graduate of Computer Engineering and a seasoned Global Project Manager…. She is described as a woman of uncompromising excellence…


Faith Mbengo is an education/business admin. expert with years of experience from the University of Zimbabwe, she was one of the many erudite personnel on the British School of
Project Management team.

She was recruited as an expatriate on a two-year contract and is highly respected still for adhering to the British standards set by the UK-HQ giving the Nigeria chapter the sustainability it has today.

NEXT and Co, tried intimidating her over the phone and she declined to comment on any other points rather, requested that all queries should be directed to Mr. Paul KUPOLUYI the Continent Controller at the time a put the phone down which is the
professional thing to do.


Paul KUPOLUYI the then Continent Controller for Africa refused to be drawn into any altercation over the phone but sent an official response to
Next & Co. captured below:.

NEXT & Co. were too hasty with their report and never waited to receive an official response from our UK-HQ.

The British School of Project Management is the awarding body for Advanced Diploma in Project Management programmes and also the group for project management services {project management training, consulting and recruitment}.

Project Management College UK is a division of the British School of Project Management specialising in fast-track PM courses and professional certifications.

All our project management programmes including Advanced Diploma Programme are endorsed by ILM Institute of Leadership and Management.

Gratitude to our subscribers, alumni and affiliates! THANK YOU!

We are thankful to our ever increasingly flourishing clientele for seeing through this write up and recognising it as an unethical attempt to tarnish the good image of the worldwide expansion director Sarah Goldsmith and her NG team who have rendered immense contributions to the development of Project Management in Nigeria and Africa.

The executives, employees and volunteers of the Nigeria Chapter are grateful that she has the bold personality and intellect to pioneer the teaching of
practical Project Management through establishing NG’s 1st and Best Project Management training institute under the auspices of the British School of Project Management

We are simply… Nigeria’s 1st, Best and Ethical on all project management matters. Active in Nigeria since 2007 and growing stronger with over 24,000 Nigerian alumni expertly trained and getting UK jobs and affiliations with ease.

Choose …. British School of Project Management!